Providing Social-Emotional Supports

Sarah Borowiec, math teacher, discusses the need for increased staff to meet students’ social and emotional needs.

Sarah Borowiec, math teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School and member of the Teachers Association of Cheektowaga-Sloan talks about the need for increased staff to meet students’ social and emotional needs.

From the Safe Schools For All Task Force Report: 

Supporting students’ social-emotional needs is the best way to prevent crises in our schools. Relying solely on punitive measures only harms students in the long run and exacerbates the problems we seek to solve. Programs that implement therapeutic services and restorative practices are finding success in schools across the state. B

But implementing such restorative practices doesn’t mean there are no consequences for inappropriate student behavior; watering down the school code of conduct doesn’t work either. Temporarily removing students from crises, only to return them to the classroom without interventions or support, perpetuates negative behaviors and fosters a culture of mistrust among students, staff, parents and school administrators. Successful programs bring together all the people in the school building to find solutions and ensure there is buy-in by all stakeholders. 


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