Our public schools belong to all of us. They belong to the students who learn and the hard-working families who support them. They belong to educators and staff who ensure that children from every background have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.



We Believe Schools Should Be Places of Sanctuary

Together, we can find solutions that restore a sense of safety and well-being for students and staff in our schools.


We Believe That Schools Should Be Centers of Our Communities

The community school model provides wrap-around services for students and families. It make the school a critical center of community life. Schools and communities grow stronger as a result.

School Meals for All

We Believe All Students Need Healthy School Meals

1-in-7 students are going hungry, and those children are mostly Black and Latinx children. Research has shown that students experiencing hunger struggle to focus and have lower school attendance, which in turn impacts their academic performance. We believe all students deserve healthy school meals. In the FY 2024 State Budget, New York must establish and fund a statewide, permanent Healthy School Meals for All program.

We need strong public schools to unite us and be the center of our communities.

Public Schools Unite Us

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