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Educators Working on Safety Plans

Michelle Greenough, English teacher at Fredonia Middle School and president of the Fredonia Teachers Association talks about physical plant safety and about how the local union structure helped the district isolate security issues in its buildings.

Teachers and their local union structures have an important role in assuring the safety of our students, day in and day out. 

From the Safe Schools For All Task Force Report: 

Recommendation for Union Leaders: Establish Union Health and Safety Resources

Local unions should establish health and safety committees within the union to support members’ health and safety concerns. Unions should designate a chief safety officer to assist leadership in the communication of membership concerns and the development of solutions to everyday safety concerns. The development of union-led training and health and wellness programs is a proactive way to give members a voice in the workplace.

Tell Your Story

If you have a story about school safety, we want to hear it. How have you been affected?